Friday, December 17, 2010

Mooneyes xmas show and David Mann Chopperfest

Dorf on golf or dorf on venuta green? Had a long weekend last with Mooneyes and Choperfest all in one weekend. In the end I was all dorf, burnt, and a little discombobulated.
There is alot to say about this and a whole lot of speechless mixed in. me I'm f'in speechless. I have an extra pinkie finger I'm not using for a knucklehead like this!!!!! Isn't that why god gave us two? I'd give them both and never be able to fit into some hoitey toitey english tea party again. not like I get invited to many.
Nice Cut! whaddaya have to get with these guys. Some Brass!!! Thanks to the Notebooms for putting up with the usual S*&t that goes with having me alomg for the weekend. My hand is healed no harm, no foul. Slippery Pete from Chi-town, nice to meet ya, Jennifer and Bean're keep it up, and see everyone at the Hippy Killer Hoedown on April 16th 2011. Pay yer TAXES then come party

Monday, December 6, 2010

Long time no post

due to unfortunate circumstances. (the boss has me chained to the shop bench), and lack of internet posting has been slow. I will catch up after the holidays, blech!!! should have some progress pics on the honda soon.

Hatred for the Holidays

I'm definetly not one to celebrate the holidays. But, when I hear about hate for the holidays I get interested. Check out the new tshirt designs coming out for xmas. Currently only available at the Mooneyes Xmas show and David Mann Chopperfest. get some hate or be hated.

Hippy Killer- Chopperfest Party

So you don't get any respect. Well find it at Ventura where the event of the holidays will be at the Red Cove. There you'll find everything needed to make the chopperfest more enjoyable. see me there.