Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hemet Packing Co., we pack em' tight

While the man was away eating saurkraut and struedel, I managed to yank the next project out of the field where it had sat for the last twenty five years. This truck was my grandpa's gold watch when he retired from the Packing company here in hell town. This truck used to pull about 6 little trailers filled with oranges from the groves and transport them to the packing company. Alot of work ahead but the word is it was driven to where it was parked some time ago so with luck she will run again.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Back from the Dead, too busy ridin'

Took awhile but my camera finally resurfaced. Been busy trying to get carbs dialed in and riding almost every day. Great start to what could be a bitchin summer.

Found this bike all lonesome the day after the hoedown. left in the field .

some competition for my next project.

Had to post this "kenny", a Hemet ruler for many years won the biltwell lid. nice work buddy you will need it for your unicycle.