Thursday, July 28, 2011

Its Been A Long Summer So Far

If you Haven't seen it by now ur missing out. The new dvd has My brother, my best friend, and myself featured in it. There is alot of thank you's to hand out for help with the honda and getting me in the dvd. at some point its surreal to see. thanks Marky and Arie glad to add you to my list of close friends. buy the dvd here...

My youngest and I at the Mooneyes open house. First one I have been to in at least a decade and i was not dissapointed. Thank you Shige for taking this pic and being a outstanding host.

sweet shop fridge

mooneyes machine shop workspace

Hope this is my hearst when I pass not something that resembles a presidential limo.

ol' saying says if u can't drag it than ur a faggot. Been Riding the shit out of the Honda. Born Free 3 was a great show as well as the us premiere of the dvd the night before. i met alot of new friends, yeah you Ricky.. of The Anchor Motorcycle shop glad you made it to the show. It was cool to meet someone whose blog provided inspiration for the whiskey river honda. keep it up Ricky and hope to meet up again soon.Hopefully it won't be another month for an update. but I'm busy ridin"!!!!!!!!
r.i.p courtney halowell, friend of 15 years plus may your spirit live on in the hearts of the thousands whose lives you touched. You will be missed dearly.